The Battle Within An intimate evening with Akademi’s founder


Art is a universal language by itself. It defies all boundaries defined by man, be it countries, religions, languages or genders. The various forms of art, such as Music, Dance, Paintings etc. touch human hearts and souls through their brilliance in different manifestations across the world. It is our earnest endeavor to bring these art forms and the people who express them through their talent and workmanship together under a common platform, i.e. kalaaloka, meaning, ‘The World of Art’. is a long cherished dream coming true. The primary aim of our efforts is to cover the happenings in the world of art across the world and provide a platform for the artists to introduce themselves and also promote their talents through this forum. Is there a better way to do it other than an online portal, which can reach millions in no time?!

kalaaloka intends to provide ample space to promote various art forms and talents via a membership programme.

Come, explore and be part of this unique world of kalaaloka !