The Battle Within An intimate evening with Akademi’s founder

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Be a privileged member of Kalaaloka, the World of Music, Dance and Visual Arts. It’s the right platform for all types of Artists, Service and Facility Providers to get Visibility, Opportunity, Recognition and Fame.

  • • Category-wise Directory Listing of Artists, Organizations and Service Providers
  • • Provides Visibility, Opportunity, Recognition and Fame for Artists
  • • Networking and Discussion forum for Artists
  • • Market place for Facility and Service providers
  • • Exclusive promotions of Rising Artists (Only Through Selection Process)
  • • Quick Connect with Artists and Service Providers
  • • Coverage and Promotions through Kalaa Loka YouTube channel
  • • Performance Analysis and Ratings by Expert Art Critics
  • • Promotions through social media such as FB, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.

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